Start a New Journey of Life with Joint Replacement Surgery

Are you suffering from the chronic ache in the knee? Are looking forward to possible methods and medical procedures for getting rid of this long-term pain in joints of your body? If so, considering Joint Replacement Surgery will be an ideal option for you. However, before you opt for joint replacement surgery for your troubled hip or knee, there are some essential factors and information you need to know. Let’s have a glimpse of such fundamental factors about joint replacement surgery.

What Is Joint Replacement Surgery?

Thanks to the notable improvement in the existing treatment procedures of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) which has allowed hundreds of middle-aged people to take benefits from the joint replacements methods for their troubled or damaged joints.

Joint replacement is a clinically proven surgical procedure in which some particular parts of an arthritic or injured joint are replaced with plastic, metal or ceramic device, known as ‘prosthesis.’ In simple terms, the fundamental purpose of the prosthesis is to replicate the function of a damaged joint with a healthy & normal but artificial joint.

How Much Time A Patient Takes To Recover After Joint Replacement Surgery?

Generally speaking, the average period of recovery for the patient depends on the replacement surgery that he/she undergoes. The entire procedure of replacement surgery takes only a few hours, but the timeline for recovery and rehabilitation can last for few months. Whereas some patients take three months to recuperate; some others recover in only 4-5 weeks.

What Are the Advantages of Joint Replacement Surgery?

  • Joint replacement surgery comes with a number of benefits. It not only increases the mobility of a patient but also abolishes the long-term pain in people who have an arthritic joint.
  • As medically stated, more than 95 percent of patients in India who have undergone knee replacement surgery have experienced less pain and higher mobility in their joints.
  • Apart from this, this procedure also gives the patient freedom from being dependant and enhances the quality of life.

What Are The Risks & Complications Associated With Joint Replacement Surgery?

Complications and risks related to joint replacement surgeries depend on the joint which you want to get replaced, the age, and overall health of the patient. While like any other surgical procedure, the risks of excessive bleeding, blood clots, and infection are ubiquitous, some other possible complications and risks of joint replacement surgery include:

  • Wear out of the artificial joint – Long term complication (Newer joints last for >30 years)
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Blood clotting in the leg or lungs
  • Difficulties in breathing because of anesthesia
  • Cardiovascular risks like heart attack
  • The stiffness of the joints – if you don’t do regular exercises
  • The nerve damage around the joint
  • Fever over 100°f (37.8°c).
  • Pain, redness, inflammation, & swelling in the joint.

How Much It Costs In India for Joint Replacement Surgery?

Joint Replacement Surgery in India depends on the choice and type of implant employed for the replacement, and its estimated costs can range from Rs 2 lacs to Rs 6 lacs and sometimes more in Revision Joint Replacement cases. If you are planning for a joint replacement surgery and looking for reliable, experienced, and affordable hospitals in India, then look no further than Saroj Hospital – one of country’s best multi-specialist hospitals.

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