Know what you don’t know about Cardiac Surgery

Introduction: –

Cardiac issues in Indiaisof a growing concern. As statistics, India is home to more than 30 million patients with cardiac problems. And by 2020, the burden of cardiovascular diseases in India is estimated to go beyond that of any other country globally. Factors like aging, unhealthy lifestyles, wrong eating habits and the ever – changing socio-economic determinants like accessibility to healthcare are fuelling the rising number of cardiac patients across the country.

Cardiothoracic Surgery:

Involves surgical procedures performed for healing & treating problems related to heart, lungs, Oesophagus& other organs of chest. A cardiac operation involves procedure to rectify acquired or congenital issues of heart’s anatomy and or its functionality. Surgeons who operate on heart, also operate on blood vessels for repairing the damage or blockage caused in them by ailment or disorders of the cardiovascular system.

What Determines When Someone Need Cardiac Surgery ?: Several symptoms & signs may be present like :

  • Chest pain / discomfort, uneasiness
  • Troubled breathing or rapid breathing or shortness in breathing
  • Excessive sweating/ vomiting accompanying heart or chest pain
  • Sudden fainting / wooziness/ frequent loss of consciousness
  • Excessive weakness

These symptoms / signs determine further investigations such as echocardiogram, stress tests& coronary angiography.

Indications Of Cardiac Surgery :Based on these investigative test& their / results, cardiac surgery is indicated if

  • There is severe triple coronary Artery Disease
  • Severe calcified coronary A’s which are choked/ blocked
  • Severe left main coronary Artery Disease
  • If heart inner valves like Mitral &/ or Aortic are stenosed or leaking (Regurgitation)
  • Severe left ventricular dysfunction requiring ventricular Assist devices
  • Cardiac transplant, if heart has failed

Types Of Cardiac Surgery – Two Main Types: 

(A)Open Heart Surgery (B) Beating Heart Surgery

In open Heart surgery, Heart – lung machine is used and surgery is performed on hole in heart, heart valves, muscles and or arteries, installing VAD & TAHs/ Cardiac transplant

In Beating Heart Surgery, clogged arteries of heart are bypassed while heart is beating there by restoring blood flow to the heart. This is also known as coronary Artery Bypass Grafting or CABG.

Minimal Invasive Surgery:

Involves cardiac or lung surgery where whole chest is not opened instead through small cuts/ holes & with help of endoscope & long instruments surgery is performed. Itinvolves minimal body trauma, blood loss and faster/ early recovery.

What are Benefits / Risks of Cardiac Surgery ?

Alongside advantages in relief of signs of cardiac disease, prolonging life of patient, it also reduces further incidence of heart attack & danger of death.

Some of complications & risks of heart surgery are –

  • Mild fever
  • Infection of chest wound
  • Post operative bleeding
  • Weakness for few days
  • Failure of lungs or kidneys
  • Neurocognitive symptoms like loss of consciousness or vagueness


How Long Does A Cardiac Surgery Take:

  • Depending on type of operation, you are undergoing, the average time of cardiac surgery is 3-4 hours. Patient usually is awake after 6-8 hrs of successful heart surgery and is removed from the ventilator.
  • He or she recovers within 5 days to one week and discharged home at end of 5-7 days. It takes 5-6 weeks to completely recover.
  • At time of discharge from hospital, all necessary precautions regarding precautions, type of lifestyle & food habits to be followed are told to the patient
  • Physiotherapy plays useful &very advantageous role in early recovery of the patient.

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