Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine

Transfusion Medicine & Blood Bank is the speciality, dealing with transfer of blood or blood products from an individual’s bloodstream to another individual’s bloodstream. Autologous transfusion (transfusion of one’s own blood) is the safest method and not all are candidates for the same.

The department of Transfusion Medicine & Blood Bank at Saroj Super Speciality Hospital is equipped with safe and effective systems to collect, process and store blood and blood products. Some of the most advanced technologies and state of the art equipments have been used at the department to ensure that blood available for transfusion is safe. We follow stringent quality control practices and use appropriate parameters for testing a defined number of units. The issued blood is always tested for HIV I & II, HCV, AG & VDRL, HBS & Malaria.

Our department is one of the few centres in Delhi, where the blood components such as cryoprecipitate, fresh frozen plasma, red blood cells and platelet concentrate are available. The department offers round the clock services and ensures that the blood components are optimally utilized and that the patients receive safe blood for transfusion. The department also offers other services including Apheresis, Plasmapheresis and Leukapharesis.


  • Therapeutic Leukocytapheresis
  • Therapeutic Thrombocytapheresis
  • Therapeutic Plasmapheresis
  • Voluntary Blood Donation

Technology & Infrastructure

The department of Transfusion Medicine & Blood Bank is equipped with sophisticated Nuclear Amplification Technology (NAT), used for making blood components safer.