Surendra Pal, 66 years

Date : 09-Dec 2014


Wow! Great hospital! Excellent service except for one. To me, the admission procedure was not at all up to standard. Still, I would come back to Saroj Hospital, if I have to.


Date : 10-Feb 2015


Team did the bets that they could. I was satisfied with their efforts.

Madan Mohan, 87 years

Treatment : Pneumonitis

Date : 01-Dec 2014


I was brought to Saroj Super Speciality by my family for getting my pneumonitis treated. It is very near to my house also. Their admission procedure, along with housekeeping and linen, and electricity, water and AC had been excellent. Overall, my experience was worth the money spent for the treatment.

Partap Singh, 54 years

Treatment : Hypertension/COPD with Acute Exacerbation/CAD

Date : 07-Dec 2014


I had a few health complications, and was suggested that I come to Saroj Super Specialty for treatment. It is an excellent hospital, with superb services. Any health problem in future, I would come here for treatment.

Santosh, 65 years

Date : 22-Jan 2015


Very good hospital. The staff was great. Thanks Saroj Super Speciality.

Sheila Devi Jain, 70 years

 Date : 10-Feb 2015


Whatever I had heard about Saroj, I found more to it. Their pharmacy service, dietary service, admission and discharge procedures are poor—much below average. Otherwise, my experience had been good-just good!

Amit Kumar

Date : 00-Dec 0000


Overall, good experience, excellent care. I will sure suggest Saroj Super Speciality to everyone.

Sahab Kaur, 89 years

Date : 21-Jan 2015


Saroj experience was good for me.

Jasbir Singh, 49 years

Date : 10-Feb 2015


Staff behavior is excellent; so was the doctor who was treating me. Overall experience had been good at Saroj.

K.S. Dahiya, 79 years

Date : 00-Dec 0000


Overall, Saroj is a good speciality hospital. I would recommend it.

Jyoti, 24 years

Date : 26-Jan 2015


Good ambience, good services and good staff. Overall, it was a good experience at Saroj Super Speciality.

Virendra Jain, 58 years

Date : 02-Feb 2015


My overall response to Saroj's services and care is "good".

Manish, 36 years

Date : 12-Jan 2015


In one word, Saroj Super Speciality is “excellent”! I recommend this hospital to everyone, young or old.

O.P. Sharma, 72 years

Date : 26-Jan 2015


Saroj Hospital is good. My treatment was done well and now, I feel much better.

Vijaya Lakshmi, 23 years

Date : 20-Jan 2015


Overall experience at Saroj was good except for the pharmacy service. The hospital authorities need to look into this.

Parmeet Kaur, 54 years

Treatment : Acute on Chronic Cholecystitis with Lump

Date : 26-Nov 2014


Starting from medical and nursing care to its various other services like admission procedure, ambience and environment, housekeeping and linen; I can only say “superb”! I will recommend Saroj Super Speciality Hospital to everyone.