Parents of Baby Tanzil (07 years)

Treatment : Acute Gastroenteritis

Date : 26-Nov 2014

From a very young age, our daughter had started suffering from acute gastroenteritis. A family friend had suggested Saroj Super Speciality. Tanzil is fine and healthy now. “Excellent” services and health care.

Satwant Kaur, 50 years

Treatment : Cholecystitis with Cholelithiasis

Date : 26-Nov 2014

I was suffering with Cholelithiasis, and had to be hospitalized for treatment. Now I feel much better than I felt in the past 12 months. I would surely recommend Saroj Super Speciality to patients suffering from Cholecystitis.

Mother of Ishani Sharma (7 months)

Treatment : Acute Gastroenteritis

Date : 29-Nov 2014

Ishani was showing signs of acute gastroenteritis. We had to rush her to Saroj Hospital. It is over 3 months now and Ishani is hale and hearty. No complications as such! She is eating well and growing up like any other healthy infant.

Kamla Arya, 65 years

Treatment : Pneumonia with Chronic Kidney Disease

Date : 09-Dec 2014

Suffering from pneumonia and chronic kidney disease, I had not been treated like this at any other hospital before! Saroj’s care and services are, in one word, “excellent”. Many thanks to my doctor and hospital staff.

Mrs. Rita Sethi

Treatment : CKD

Date : 04-Jan 2015

Excellent! I have already recommended Saroj to many people. Thanks.

Vijay Kumar, 65 years

Treatment : HTN

Date : 15-Dec 2014

The discharge procedure at Saroj Super Speciality took quite some time, in my case it seems. Otherwise, the services are excellent. Now I feel much better than I felt in the last 20 years.

Uma Shankar, 61 years

Treatment : Angina Pectoris, NIDDM, HTN

Date : 29-Dec 2014

Saroj Super Speciality Hospital is good, but can do much better. To me, it is a hospital with a lot of potentials.

Srikrishna, 74 years

Treatment : Parkinson's Disease, HTN, UTI, Sepsis

Date : 28-Dec 2014

Excellent treatment given! Staff pays proper attention to the patients.

Raj Kumar, 30 years

Date : 03-Dec 2014

Excellent medical care and services! My overall experience at Saroj Super Speciality was good. I would suggest this hospital to everyone, especially those who look out for super medical and post-operation care.