Early signs and diagnosis of Arthritis and treatment at home

Arthritis is a disease caused by inflammation of the joints. It is a serious issue troubling most of the elderly patients and have even crippled some to the extent that they cannot walk a few steps without experiencing terrible pain. Here are some early signs of arthritis which you may help you to detect it for early diagnosis.

Early signs

  • Morning stiffness– one of the earliest signs of arthritis is feeling stiff in the limbs after a period of inactivity like sleeping or sitting for a long while. With time this stiffness deteriorates if not treated early.
  • Stiffness in the joints– you may suddenly experience stiffness in the joints of fingers or knees while working.
  • Joint pain– apart from stiffness, arthritis is also associated with pain in the joints. It may be moderately painful in the beginning but with time the pain becomes excruciating. Sudden pain the joints is a sure sign of arthritis.
  • Swelling– since arthritis is a condition where your joints are inflamed, you can see the swelling externally too. The knee joint in arthritis look warmer, bigger and swollen than normal.
  • Numbness– inflammation of the joints can also pressurize the nerves to go numb or produce a tingling feeling.


Arthritis can be diagnosed using X-rays that help to detect the extent of inflammation and damage. While some people have inflamed joints, damaged tissues, cartilage loss or even worse situations like bone rubbing against bone, the last stage of damage is a state when the entire joint needs to be replaced or reconstructed through surgery. Many patients have lately approached joint replacement hospital in Delhi to seek the best treatment and lead a normal life again. Another way of diagnosis is through testing of the fluid drawn out from the inflamed joint. It determines the type of arthritis for correct treatment.


Arthritis treatment usually includes rest, physiotherapy, medicines and in extreme cases, surgery. These days joint replacement surgery in Delhi is very popular among elderly patients who had earlier almost lost the ability to move. But some home treatments for arthritis in the early stages include:-

  • Hot and cold compress-

Apply a cold compress on the joints to soothe the inflammation. A cold compress helps to reduce the swelling and gives relief from the pain too. Similarly, a warm compress also helps to relax the muscles in the joints and normalizes the blood circulation. Dipping the knee in a hot bath tub is a good way for relaxation.

  • Massage-

Massage is an age old home treatment for swelling and pain. It has been traditionally tried for centuries and medical science too approves it. It is said to improve blood flow in the muscles and soothe the area to relieve the pain. Certain herbal oils can be very beneficial to alleviate inflammation related pain.

  • Physiotherapy and exercise-

Physiotherapy at home under a therapist can work wonders for many patients. These not only give relief to the pain and swelling but also aid in movements. It can get your muscles working and your joints moving in normal manner to let you live without pain.

Talk to your doctor about the types of home treatments you should try in the early stages of arthritis. Saroj Hospital is considered to be the best joint replacement hospital catering to thousands of complex cases and helping people to regain their freedom of movement.