Effects of Air Pollution on Athletes

Effects of Air Pollution on Athletes

What polluted air is doing to us & how athletes can manage their run?

Pollution in the air is affecting us severely, particularly in a metropolitan city like Delhi. The congested traffic and industrial setups, over population, limited trees are all causing pollution in the air. There are days where breathing becomes a problem due to high amounts of pollutants in the air. The oxygen binding capacity in our body is reduced when we are exposed to harmful and toxic chemicals like carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, particulate matters, ozone, methane etc.

The pollution in the air is adversely affecting the athletes. Running on a polluted day can undoubtedly outweigh the positive effects of running or jogging. The prime focus of running is also to breathe clean air along with working out but bad air-day can negatively impact your lungs. So, be wary and plan your runs accordingly suggests the best pulmonologists.

It is highly recommended that you must stay indoors and work out indoors when the PMT levels are around 2.5. Such high levels can be a threat to the lungs if you run for a longer time.

Why you must avoid running on a smoky day?

We all know that we must avoid the exposure to ourselves on smoky day but are we really aware of the effects of the smoky day?

Smoke and air pollution can make your throat tickle, and you may also notice a change in your voice. If you are run on a smoky day, you are likely to suffer from headache, chest pain, and breathlessness. Instead of suffering from such severe symptoms, it is better that we stay indoors!

All these symptoms are because of the increase in carbon monoxide content in the air along with ozone, sulphur dioxide, particulate matter and nitrogen oxide. It can trigger asthma attacks; hence, asthma patients must be extra cautions on bad air days. These harmful content in the air can decrease the oxygen binding capacity by binding with haemoglobin content in the blood. This can adversely harm your performance and the exposure to polluted air has never been healthy.

Much pollution today is produced from building construction and by automobile exhaust. As a responsible citizen, we must contribute our bit to beat air pollution in our surroundings.

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How can joggers improve their performance during polluted days?

The enormous amount of toxic chemicals in the air is affecting the athlete’s performance significantly as discussed. But what can be done? There has to be a way out!

The athletes must be smart to figure out how they shouldn’t allow pollution to affect their exercise performance, because long exposures can lead to unrepairable damage. Here are some quick tips from best the pulmonologists of Delhi which can reduce the risk of air pollution on the athlete’s performance:

1. Jog early in the morning: The early the athletes start his run, the better it is for him. The sunlight reacts with the air pollutants, and thus the pollution keeps rising as the day advances.

2. Put on a mouth mask: A mouth mask can filter the air by blocking 95% particles ensuring safety. This is not recommended for athletes but everybody who has to go out during highly polluted days.

3. Diet & Nutrition: Have foods rich in antioxidants, i.e. Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It is advisable to eat fruits like oranges, broccoli, melons before you start your run. These foodstuffs can reduce oxidative damage.

An athlete can also put on sunglasses to reduce dust and smog exposure. It is particularly essential for the contact lens wearers to protect themselves from dust and smog. Your eyes need protection too! Sunglasses can also help in reducing headaches. So, do not forget to carry one during your run.

If any condition arises, which is affecting your performance adversely or narrowing your lung airways, you must consult at the Sleep medicine Centre.

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