How to Plan Medical Tour to India?

Once you decide to take a medical tour to India, know that touring to another country is in itself a complex and time-consuming process. How will you plan your medical tour to India?

Simply follow the basic steps that would positively help you in planning effectively.

Step #1: Know about India

India is a multi-cultural, multilingual, multi-climate, multi-cuisine country. When you are choosing one of its states as your medical tour destination, you must have enough information about that state, both as a medical as well as general tourist.

Browse through various websites to know more about the country.

Step #2: Know the doctors and hospitals 

No medical tour is complete without deciding from which doctor you would like to take your treatment(s) and in which hospital you would like your admission. There are many websites with such details, which will give you information about hospitals, services provided (like latest equipment and technology) and the doctors. Most of the doctors are qualified internationally and experts in their fields.

Step #3: Consult a doctor and discuss your medical tour in detail

Once the doctor and hospital is decided, avail consultation facility online and understand the importance and urgency of pre-surgery and post-surgery care. Sometimes, pre-surgery investigations are carried out.

On the other hand, if you have decided which doctor you would come to but you are indecisive about which hospital would be the best, request the doctor to give you some suggestions. He would be glad to help and explain everything in detail to you.

During your consultation online, the doctor would also discuss the line of treatment that would best suit you. Thereafter, on your confirmation, you will be provided with an estimated cost of the whole procedure that you will undergo.

Step #4: Get ready for your medical tour and admission 

Once you confirm a hospital, you have to send a scanned copy of your passport to the concerned hospital authority. On receiving the copy, a hospital representative or coordinator will issue and send

you a Visa Assistance letter for you and your attendant to visit India on Medical Visa.

On receipt of the Visa Assistance letter, you have to go to the Indian Embassy in your country with the letter. On successful completion of all visa formalities at your end, the Indian Embassy will grant you the Medical Visa. You have to again send a scanned copy of your passport that would highlight your arrival time and date to India. This is required for the hospital to book your room, OT, etc. Now all you need to do is book your tickets.

Do not forget to carry your driving license or any other valid identity proof. Check on their validity as it must remain valid during your period of stay in India.

On your arrival to India, the hospital coordinator will be there to bring you to the hospital. Regarding admission, you will be extended all help and guidance by the hospital authority in this regard. Give your passport at the counter to register yourself in the hospital. It is mandatory.

As per Government of India’s directives, your passport’s visa page and photo page must be kept in the hospital record. You will be given all the required help. Thereafter, you will guided to your pre- booked facility—the one that you had already selected earlier (before coming to India).

Step #5: Other measures 

When coming to India, make sure you carry (1) all your previous medical prescriptions and records. This will enable the doctor to understand your previous treatments and treat you accordingly; and (2) a letter from your referral doctor that states and explains your medical ailments.

As a post-surgery care, once the discharge procedure is complete and you are shifted to a hotel, or a guest house, or taken directly to the airport (you do not want to miss your flight!), a hospital representative or coordinator will stay in touch with you (as a part of follow up post-procedure).