Diet & Lifestyle Changes that can Prevent Urological Diseases

Keep Your Kidney and Urinary Track Healthy With Simple Changes in Diet and Lifestyle

The main function of the urinary tract is to work as a drainage system of the body to remove the excretory products through urine. In normal condition, the kidneys do the filtration of blood and remove the waste products from it and its fluid mixed waste product is moved to the urinary tract as urine and passes to the bladder. Here the urine stores for the timing and removes the waste for the human body through urination.

But, how to keep the urinary tract healthy? Well, the way to have a healthy urinary tract is not much difficult. Some simple changes in food habit and our fast-paced lifestyle keep us healthy.

Prevention is better than cure!

It is always better to take some simple steps to keep your kidney healthy and avoid urological diseases. A modified and healthy diet with adequate water intake is key to a healthy body. Even some simple changes in lifestyle can help your body to dodge diseases. Let’s start with food and fluid consumption.

  • For kidney and urological diseases, water plays an important role. It is important to intake 6 – 8 glasses of water to keep your body hydrated and proper removal of excretory products through kidney.
  • It is a good practice to include a glass of citric acid containing fruit juice in your meal. It can be lemon or lime juice, orange juice, melon juice or mango juice.
  • Choose lean meat (chicken), fish, lentils, beans, egg white as a source of protein. Avoid any kind of red meat (beef, mutton) as much as possible.
  • Reduction in salt intake is very essential. So, it is better to avoid potato chips, canned soups, ready to make dishes, deil and smoked meats.
  • Avoid high sugar-containing drinks, like sodas. They are high in calories and contain no nutritious value. In addition to that, colas have phosphorus additives which can damage kidneys.
  • Limit the intake of foods with calcium oxalate. Foods that are rich in oxalate include are grapefruit and cranberry juice, potatoes, soybeans, spinach, cashews and peanuts, chocolate, beets, asparagus, and most of the berries.

Apart from food habits, some lifestyle changes are also required. Those small changes can make wonder. For more information find top doctors at Saroj Hospital.

Maintain a healthy body weight

Apart from a healthy diet, regular walking or exercise is very much important. Being overweight can put stress on your kidneys. Similarly’ it is important to lose weight safely. Crash-dieting, low-carb diets and high animal-based-protein diets can also increase the risk of kidney stones.

Say no to Alcohol

Alcohol leads cells to increase fluid output while preventing fluid absorption, which ultimately causes dehydration. So it is good to quite the alcohol consumption or if not possible, limit it.

Limit caffeine consumption

4 cups of coffee or 400 mg caffeine consumption is the upper limit for an adult. So plan accordingly; and don’t forget, certain sodas, chocolate, teas, and energy drinks contain caffeine.

Maintain basic hygiene

Especially for ladies, proper cleaning can help to avoid some of the urinary tract infections.

Along with these precautionary steps, it is a good practice to have regular Kidney health evaluation to avoid any critical urological disease or identify at an early stage. Saroj Hospital is one of the best urology hospital in Delhi for a yearly health checkup.

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