Oncology (Medical and Surgical)

Oncology is a branch of medicine which involves diagnosis and treatment of every kind of tumour and cancer including cancer of brain, head and neck tumours, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer, cancers of breast, prostate, lungs, colon and rectum etc.

The department of Oncology at Saroj Super Speciality Hospital offers comprehensive cancer care to patients including cancer screening, early detection of cancers, providing multi-disciplinary treatment up to the rehabilitation care. It is an excellent department equipped with cutting edge technology and has a dedicated team of highly qualified expert physicians & trained hospital staff providing round the clock services for treatment of tumours and cancers of various regions.

At the department of Oncology, we provide medical as pharmacological treatment for a wide range of both benign and malignant tumours. The department focuses at providing full spectrum evidence- based oncology therapeutics to its patients.

Our Services

  • Medical Oncology – At the department of Oncology, our expert physicians routinely administer high quality chemotherapy and provide pharmacological treatment for different solid tumours. The department also caters to paediatric population and is backed by a team of expert oncologists. The department also offers treatment for cases of Haemato-oncology.

Some of the Medical Oncology treatments offered by the department include treatment for:

  • Leukemia and lymphoma
  • Brain tumour
  • Solid tumour
  • Surgical Oncology – The complex tumours requiring surgical intervention are treated at the state of the art department of surgical oncology at Saroj Super Speciality Hospital. The department has dedicated Modular Operation theatres and ICU for performing the surgical oncology procedures and taking care of the patients requiring critical care.

Some of the cancers requiring surgery include:

  • Head & Neck Cancers
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Gynaecological Cancers
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Neuroendocrine Cancers
  • Pancreatic Cancers
  • Biliary Cancers
  • Lung Cancer
  • GI cancer
  • Genitourinary Cancers
  • Others

Infrastructure and Technology

  • Backed by State of the art Radiology and Imaging services for diagnosing tumours and for therapeutic interventions
  • State of the art Operation Theatres dedicated for Onco-surgery procedures
  • ICU equipped with high end equipments for the cancer patients requiring critical care
  • Backed by a dedicated team of Expert Medical and Surgical Oncologists