Reduce your Risk of a Heart Attack with Diet & Exercise

Diet and exercise for improving your heart health

The human body is the most complex system and the heart is one of the most critical and complicated organs in the body. The heart helps to pump the blood in the body and hence having a healthy heart is important for your overall well-being.
But, how to achieve a healthy heart? Have you ever thought about it? With our fast-paced lifestyle and binge eating habits, we are not only ignoring our health but we are inviting different lifestyle diseases too.
According to a statistic published by The Telegraph UK, lifestyle diseases like heart diseases and diabetes that develop from poor eating habits, smoking, and sedentary lifestyle account for 53% of total mortality rate in the developing world – taking 31 million lives every year! That is really a shocking number!

The good news – this data can be changed!
Yes, that’s right! And, that’s not rocket science. You can change it by doing your bit – watch out what you’re eating and exercise.


Diet to follow:

Okay, we don’t want you to starve yourself in the name of ‘diet’, nor do we want you to eat like a rabbit. However, here are some tips that you might find useful while planning your meal.
1. First thing first. Carbohydrate is needed for the body as it provides the energy to the body. Cutting down carbohydrates from your diet is not at all a good idea. Instead, opt for whole grains instead of their refines cousins.
2. Fruits and vegetables are a must to get the essential nutrients and vitamins. Remember the thumb rule – more colour in your plate, better for your health.
3. Choose monosaturated fat (olive oil, canola oil) instead of trans fat that you find in processed food. Polyunsaturated fat found in nuts is good too.
4. Protein is needed for the body’s repair and maintenance. Go for lean meat (chicken) and fish, lentils and beans. Avoid red meat (beef, mutton) as much as possible.
5. Indulge in a low – fat dairy product like milk, cheese, and paneer.


What Not to eat

• Added sugar is a strict NO. Which means you should stay away from a sweetened drink, soda, syrups, etc.
• Extra sodium found in processed and packed food is another silent killer especially for your heart
• Limit your alcohol intake and quit smoking
• There is no alternative for this. Exercising helps your heart to pump more blood and supply oxygen. It keeps the heart healthy
• Aerobic exercises are best for improved heart health
• Take out at least 30 minutes every day to incorporate exercise in your daily routine. Walk, run, jog, climb stairs, whatever works for you. If you’re bored exercising alone, tag a friend along.

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