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Initial Consultation With Doctor

Q – How do I consult with a specialist at Saroj Super Speciality Hospital?

A – You can consult with a specialist at Saroj Super Speciality Hospital through our International Patients Service Centre through an e-mail, fax, letter or telephone. Please visit Contact Us section of this website for more details. You may also fill up the Get an Opinion Form available on the website.

Q – What information do I need to provide in order to inquire about my treatment at Saroj?

A – In order to inquire about your treatment at Saroj, you must provide all the relevant information related to your medical condition, including your medical history, scans, details of your current medication etc. Please bring the details of the doctor in case you have been referred by any doctor in your home land.

Q – Can I seek Medical opinion from a doctor at your hospital without any referral from my local doctor?

A – Yes, you can certainly seek medical opinion from a doctor at our hospital by contacting our International Patients Service Centre directly by sharing the details of your medical history and the treatment required.

Q – Who will guide me about the cost and duration of stay at the hospital?

A – Once you have put up your medical inquiry and have submitted all your medical details, our medical coordinator will get back to you with an appropriate line of treatment taken from the concerned doctor, the cost and duration of your stay at the hospital along with the pre-op and post-op treatment care plan.

Arrival In India

Q – How complicated are the Visa formalities?

A – The visa formalities for your medical travel are similar to those required for your regular travel. However, if your treatment requires you to visit India frequently, you may opt for a multiple visa entry for which you will be given assistance by the hospital.

Q – What is FRRO and what is meant by registering at FRRO after arrival in India and how to get the registration done?

A – FRRO is Foreigners Regional Registration Office. If you are travelling with Visa type“M” i.e. for Medical treatment in India, you need to register yourself at FRRO. The type “M” visa permits you for multiple entries and allows you to stay for long in India.

Our International Patient Services Coordinator will assist you in your registration at FRRO. You will need to register at the FRRO within 14 days of your arrival in India. You may also contact our International Help Desk for further enquiries.

Note for Pakistan and Bangladesh patients – Residents of these countries need to register their arrival in the nearest Police Station/ Commissioner’s Office within 24 hours of their arrival.

Q – Shall I be received at the airport upon my arrival?

A – Yes, you will have to make our International Patients Service Centre pre-informed about your travel plans & arrival in India and they shall arrange for your pick-up from the airport.

Stay At Saroj Super Speciality Hospital

Q – What to get registered at the hospital?

A – To get registered at our hospital, you would need to produce your passport at the registration counter. The hospital would keep a record of your passport (photograph & Visa page) as per the directives of Government of India.

Q – How will I communicate with the doctor as I neither speak in English nor I understand native Indian language?

A – At Saroj Super Speciality Hospital, we have in-house interpreters who will help you to communicate with your doctor effectively.

Q – I shall be accompanied by my family. Where can they stay in India?

A – For the stay of your family and relatives, you will have to inform our International Patients Service Centre to make necessary hotel accommodation arrangements as per your budget.

Q – Who shall assist me during my admission and stay at the hospital?

A – Your concerned doctors and medical staff shall be responsible for all your medical requirements and our International Patients Services coordinator shall assist you for all your non-medical requirements throughout your admission and stay at the hospital.

Q – How shall I make international calls and how shall my relatives reach me over phone during my hospital stay?

A – You can be in a regular touch with your loved ones by giving the contact numbers of the hospital, mentioned in the Contact Us section of the website. Else, you can also ask our hospital personnel at the reception to connect you to the destination.

Q- Shall I be given food preferences also?

A – Surely. We would try our best to serve you with the food of your preference, also keeping in mind your doctor’s dietary advice and your health status. Please note that smoking and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited in hospital premises.

Q – Shall there be any room for me to pray?

A – At Saroj Super Speciality Hospital, we have rooms designated for prayer which cater to people of almost all the major religions such as Christanity, Hinduism, Islam etc.

Payment Related Information

Q – What are the different modes to make payment at the hospital?

A – All major credit cards including VISA, MASTER CARD and Traveler’s cheque are accepted at our hospital. We also have a currency exchange centre and offer online payment gateway in our website.

Discharge Process

Q – What are the formalities involved with discharge procedure? Shall I get my investigation and medical reports?

A – Your concerned specialist will let you know the date of your discharge. You will be given all the details about the surgery/ treatment you have undergone, the medication you will have to take, your follow-ups with the doctor by your nurse. Finally, your entire medical reports including X-ray/ MRI/ CT scan or medicines will be handed over to you.

Q – Once I reach my home country, how will I follow-up with my doctor?

A – You would need to contact our International Patient Services Centre for helping you keep in touch with your concerned specialist at Saroj Super Speciality Hospital. Please mention your registration number in your correspondence with our hospital.