Visa and Travel Info

This information is vital to your plans if you happen to be an overseas patient coming to us for a treatment. Please understand that the entire process follows standard protocols and there is very little room for unwarranted delays. Usually, our international patients have never complained about Visa or registration issues during their visit. However, you should be aware about the basics of this critical aspect.

Medical Visa Necessities

If you are an overseas traveller, not from Bangladesh or Pakistan, and you carry a Medical Visa, get yourself registered at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office. We request you to do this within 14 days (2 weeks) of arriving in India. You can easily get the prescribed format for this registration from the International Patients Service Desk. If you are a patient from Pakistan or Bangladesh, get yourself registered at the nearest Police Station or the Commissioner’s Office within 24 hours of your arrival in the country.

Overview of Overseas Patient’s Travel to India

  • The patient should confirm availability and schedule of the prescribed treatment at Saroj medical facility
  • It is better to get all your queries answered before proceeding with the travel plans
  • Once confirmed, the Visa process begins
  • We send the patient a Visa Invitation after receiving genuine passport details
  • The patient carries the Medical Visa Letter to an Indian embassy in his/her country
  • This eases procuring a Visa for visiting us in India
  • Once the Visa is confirmed, travel itinerary is planned and confirmed
  • Regular flights to India are easy to find from nearly every major airport in the world
  • It is better to intimate the staff at the hospital about travel details like date of arrival/departure, recommended surgeon/healthcare provider, etc.

Please call us if you have any queries. Saroj Super Speciality Hospital is frequented by international travellers, including those seeking rare treatments for life-threatening/fatal health conditions. Here you get the assurance of complete support from our ready to help staff. We recommend maintaining communication with a staff member at Saroj Super Speciality Hospital to help you chart an easier, more money-saving travel plan that also helps you recover comprehensively.

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