What is Organ Transplant?

Moving an organ from one body to another or from to a location on the patient’s own body from a donor for the purpose of replacing absent or damaged organ is what organ transplant is all about.

Lungs, pancreas, thymus, intestine, liver and kidneys are those organs that can are usually transplanted. Among the tissues that can be transplanted are heart valves, nerves, veins, tendons, bones, skin and cornea.  Among the most commonly transplanted organs are kidneys, liver and heart; and most commonly transplanted are tendons and cornea. And transplant in India covers almost all types of transplants.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art facility, Centre for Kidney Transplant and Liver transplant at Saroj Super Speciality Hospital diagnoses kidney and liver diseases, understands their progress/development and provides preventive and corrective measures—from clinical evaluation to the complete organ transplantation.

We have finest kidney transplant doctor in Delhi, working for us. They have a complete understanding of the organ’s functioning and its treatment requirement. Though we believe in curing the organ instead of transplanting it, in case a patient needs a transplant, we offer this medical care at minimum cost. Our Kidney transplant cost, and Liver Transplant cost are minimum, compared to the healthcare providers of the same standard when it comes to transplantation in India.


Kidney Transplant

About the Kidneys

Located on either side of the body underneath the rib care, the kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that carry out one of the most important functions of our body. They work as filters for converting waste products from the blood into urine.

Sometimes it can happen that the kidneys lose their proper functioning, and in extreme cases, it can stop functioning. When the kidneys fail, the most viable and common option is kidney transplant.

Kidney Transplant at Saroj Super Speciality Hospital

Kidney transplant is a surgical procedures where failed kidneys in a patient are replaced by healthy kidneys of donors. Here, donors can be genetically living related, living unrelated, living or deceased (cadaveric).

A state-of-the-art facility and one of the best organ transplant hospitals in India, our Centre for Kidney Transplant & Renal Sciences diagnoses kidney diseases, understands their development and provides preventive and corrective measures—from clinical evaluation to kidney transplantation.

At Saroj Super Speciality Hospital, we have dedicated Kidney Transplant Operation Theatre medically advanced ICUs and lab facilities for offering excellent and effective pre-surgery and post-surgery care, both for donors and recipients, and to ensure great success in kidney transplantation.

Liver Transplant

About the Liver

One of the most vital organs of human body, liver is responsible for uncountable chemical actions without which the body cannot survive. On the other hand, liver is also considered a gland due to the fact that it secretes chemicals required for carrying out chemical actions.

The main functions of the liver are (1) manufacturing chemicals that the body requires on a daily basis; (2) it breaks down substances like drugs, medications, alcohol, insulin and hormones in the body and detoxifies them; (3) it stores substances including glucose, vitamin, minerals etc.

The organ’s one of the main roles is detoxification—converting ammonia (a byproduct) into urea (excreted in the urine with the help of kidneys). The other main role is secreting bile that help in the digestion process.

Liver is responsible for making triglycerides and cholesterol. It is also responsible for converting glucose into glycogen; this glycogen is then stored within it and muscle cells. The liver cells, known as Hepatocytes, are responsible for making proteins needed for protein synthesis, and making albumin for fluid maintenance with the body’s circulatory system.

The largest solid organ in the human body, if the liver fails to function as it should, the other organs get affected. As such, the person’s survival crosses the danger zone. Not only this, if medical care is not taken on time, liver malfunctioning can lead to liver failure.

Liver Transplant at Saroj Super Speciality Hospital

Liver transplant is a surgical process where injured or failed liver in a patient is replaced by healthy liver or part of a healthy liver of donors. Here, donors can either be living donor or deceased donor.

A state-of-the-art facility, our Centre for Liver Transplant & Gastro Sciences uses cutting-edge technology for gastro-intestinal, pancreatic & hepatobiliary disease management.

Services provided at Saroj Super Speciality Hospital include digestive & HPB sciences, liver transplantation and surgery and biliary surgery.

With medically advanced ICUs, modular Operation Theatres and lab facilities at Saroj, we offer excellent and effective pre-surgery and post-surgery care, both for donors and recipients, and ensure great success in liver transplantation.
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