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Hard water the root cause of Kidney Stones?

We the human beings are basically a bunch of complex beings and the human body an even more complex system of never ending mystery. Thanks to technological advancements and development in science we have been able to solve some mystery of the human body. Kidney stones and its root causes is one such mystery which we are yet to fully understand.

It doesn’t require someone with a degree in Biology to tell you how important the Kidney is as part of the human body. The Kidney is that one part of the human body, which ensures toxic waste from the human body gets discharged from time to time in the form of urine, without the loss of essential salts from the body.

There are a lot of myths regarding Kidney Stones, which we all must have heard at some point in our life and they often leave us confused and struggling for answers. One such myth that we are trying to burst here is that whether hard water is the root cause of Kidney Stones or not.

So before jumping to the longstanding and never-ending debate that whether hard water causes kidney stone or not, one needs to understand what hard water exactly is. Water in its purest form is high in mineral content, mostly Magnesium and Calcium (between 120-180 PPM). Now if the mineral content is below this, the water is mildly harsh, and if above it, it is very hard. The most common source of hard water is water through groundwater sources through borewells, tube-wells, wells etc.

The two main components of hard water are Magnesium and Calcium, now these minerals also form an important part of our dietary intake and consuming them in the form of water contribute only 5-20 percent as per the WHO.

To understand if the water you are consuming is hard water or not, carry out this simple test. Rub your usual soap in the water and see how much lather the soap generates. If the lather is more the water is soft, and if it’s less, Voila!!! You have found your answer; your water is hard.

Water contains many valuable and precious minerals in it which are very healthy for the human body, and magnesium and calcium form an integral part of those set of minerals. Thus, consumption of water with Magnesium and Calcium in it within optimum quantity does no harm to the human body, and in fact helps in developing strong bones and muscles. Further research has also proved that water which lacks these minerals makes the bones weak and the human body unhealthy in the long run.

So, to answer the forever pertinent question in a blunt way, NO, hard water doesn’t cause kidney Stones. Consuming water in its cleanest and purest form ensures good health and strong immunity. It is, therefore, also advised to take regular intake of water to ensure smooth and proper functioning of the kidney, without causing it any trouble.

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