Work Culture at Saroj

Overview of Saroj Super Specialty Hospital as an Employer

Saroj Super Specialty Hospital is among the biggest managed care medical facilities in India with an increasing range of super-specialty treatment centers. This includes the entire lifecycle of patient treatment—from outpatient clinics to diagnostic laboratories and pharmacies to specialist medical consultancy, treatment and post-operative care.

As Saroj Super Specialty Hospital evolves across more patient care networks, there is a growing requirement for medical and non-medical professionals. From specialist doctors to paramedical staff, nurses and HR to administration and management professionals—Saroj Super Specialty Hospital is always eager to recruit people who bring passion to our workplace and excel in their field of work.

What makes the work culture at Saroj different?

Saroj Super Specialty Hospital is much more than a hub for advanced medical treatments. The core philosophy looks upon its team members as invaluable human resources and not just employees. This is a mutually beneficial relationship. Our people appreciate that Saroj Hospital has a long-term perspective from them.

The emphasis is on continuous development at a personal and professional level. As a result, medical and non-medical professionals working at Saroj Super Specialty Hospital are always driven to deliver their best.

We strive to create the perfect blend of working hard and relaxation to ensure a happier, eager-to-serve staff. This approach ensures that patient care standards are always at their best.

What can you expect working at this global healthcare organization?

We believe in working passionately. Our people are talented and ready to contribute beyond their defined roles. This optimism runs throughout our human resource network. The working environment is challenging, inspiring people to perform beyond their previous-best.

We are a Team-First organization where professionalism is encouraged. Hierarchies are well defined but don't impair cross-communication—ideation is encouraged. We help our team members to define their goals and achieve them. We don't follow innovation blindly when it comes to grooming work culture practices.

We handpick the best practices that make sense for our organization and our healthcare community. You can expect clarity regarding your career path, appreciation/recognition for hard work & being innovative besides periodic rewards.